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With all this Virus stuff should have done this much much earlier apoligise for that... we can't turn the clock back so what I propose is I'll post a link which will act as a little art work out we can all do then email our results back in then I'll create a working Gallery showing the results ~ really looking forward this ~ there is absolutely no time limit for each task.

Art Workout task uno 1 

came across this article / link explaining perspective watch the video ~ read through it and try the excercise creating the Perspective Drawing ~ be fun done in colour too ~  draw out a master version then trace down and try out a couple of variations..

Workout 1 reference image (copyright with the original artist)

 Workout 2 Robin ~ from Kerry Bennet as you know one of my favourite things to paint 
click here watch the video then crack on with your own version ~ change the media if you want just a good subject done well...

 come on in  the waters lovely